Terms and Conditions


All our items are guaranteed original and wherever possible we try to fully document the age, condition and extent of any renovation activity performed either in the past or present to stabilise items of militaria offered for sale.

Because we offer such a diverse range of antiques ranging from items of uniform and headdress to paintings, watercolours, regimental mess china and silverware and campaign furniture we have developed a network of expert restorers on hand to sympathetically restore rare artifacts where this is deemed necessary to preserve items for future prosperity.

Full descriptions will appear with every item referencing these details and the extent of any restoration activity undertaken where we have been able to identify such. Our policy is to only do what is necessary to preserve the aesthetic appearance of the item (s).

However should a client not be satisfied with an item on the grounds that the item does not meet the written description or is considered a fake we would undertake a 30 day refund policy based upon the following conditions.

1) If the client is questioning the authenticity of a particular item we would ask that any request for a refund is supported by a written evaluation from an acknowledged expert or auction house dealing in militaria. Many of our items are unique and as such sourcing comparable examples represents a challenge and therefore we do feel that requests of this nature should be supported by an expert opinion.
2) All funds paid by the client will be refunded with the exception of postage costs or costs associated with an independent valuation / expert opinion undertaken by us to support the integrity of an item.
3) All items must be returned in the same condition as originally dispatched to the client. If any subsequent damage has been made to the item we may reserve the right to refuse a refund.
4) The client should contact us immediately advising us that they require a refund stating their reasons for such a request and to enable us to instruct the client on the correct wording to be used for customs declarations where this is necessary.


Payments can be made by a cheque drawn on a UK Bank, postal orders, cash or bank to bank wire transfer directly into our account,

Our accounting currency is £ sterling and all prices shown or quoted will be in UK £ sterling.

In addition we also accept MasterCard and VISA credit cards subject to a minimum purchase of £250.00. Any credit card purchases except UK switch or other direct debit cards, are liable to a 3% surcharge on the entire amount including any postal charges incurred therein.

Payments made in cash are sent at the clients own risk and as such we suggest that they are dispatched by courier or registered post and insured to provide you with suitable protection in the event of mis or non delivery to our premises.

For our USA clients in addition to the above methods of payment we have also found the use of US Dollar travellers cheques is the cheapest form of making international payments.

Details of Bank Account inserted here

Postal Charges

It is not our policy to try and profit from the costs of postage and packing and therefore all costs incurred in this respect only represent the actual costs incurred in posting an item to you in the safest most reliable method undertaken.

For obvious reasons we prefer to post items by guaranteed courier service which requires a signature from you upon receipt to validate delivery has been completed. Any ensueing customs charges will be your sole responsibility.

It is your responsibility to ensure that any goods ordered from a country that has restrictions on the import of items such as antique weapons or antique uniforms or headdress containing animal skins will not be subject to seizure by the relevant customs authorities. We would kindly ask that you seek clarification from your relevant customs authorities prior to purchasing and instructing us to consign an item to you as we cannot be held responsible for the seizure of any items and cannot refund payments on any items confiscated.

Lay Away Plan

We do operate a scheme whereby items can be reserved on a 25% deposit and the balance then payable over a predetermined period ranging from three to twelve months depending on the retail price of the item in question.

A minimum purchase of £1,000 applies to access this facility but broadly speaking the lay away plan will extend over the following periods;

£1,000 up to £3,000 ………… 3 months lay away
£3,001 up to £6,000 ………… 6 months lay away
£6,001 up to £10,000 ……….. 9 months lay away
£10,001 and above …………...12 months lay away

Any items purchased using this facility will be retained in our possession and safe keeping until the final payment has been made and cleared into our account. Where a client decides to change his mind during the course of payment all funds paid less the 25% deposit will be returned to the client. As our accounting currency is £ sterling we do not bear responsibility for any currency fluctuations that may occur during the process of a lay away plan.

There are no interest or extra charges associated with this scheme and it is purely intended as a facility to assist collectors in acquiring higher priced items.


All photographs on our website are the property of “ The Military Gentlemen” and /or Glenn Burles and are not to be reproduced, copied, forwarded or electronically transmitted onto anybody else without our prior permission in writing.

Any person(s) or organisation(s) downloading any of these images and reusing them without our written permission, either in hard copy print or electronically on websites will be pursued vigorously through legal action, both in the UK and internationally in accordance with the infringement of copyright laws prevailing.

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