The Military Gentleman is the realization of an ambition by Glenn Burles. Having been a passionate collector of medals and militaria for the past thirty five years I finally took the plunge and decided that it was time to put my hard earned wealth of experience to work.

Whilst there are numerous militaria websites available on the internet today only a very few can offer up a meaningful variety of pieces and none can boast the sheer volume and importance of early pieces available exclusively on this site to the avid British militaria collector.

The site has been created with the discerning collector in mind, those in the know will immediately recognise and appreciate the exceptional rarity of many of the pieces catalogued. Many of the artefacts are unique in the sense that they are the only recorded example of a particular pattern of clothing or headdress. Many are named to individuals who helped shape history or are nationally important from an historical standpoint.

I aim to create a broad based catalogue of artefacts that are linked by a common military thread. Included in the site will be Uniforms and Headdress from the 1776 War of Independence through to Edwardian times, Accroutrements and Swords, Campaign furniture and related travelling essentials often used by officers on campaign , military portrait paintings, water colours and miniatures, regimental mess china and silverware, medals and orders of chivalry, guidons and regimental flags. In short everything the complete Military Gentlemen might have used whilst campaigning.

Despite the many hardships of life endured whilst campaigning, officers were determined to live a resemblance of luxury. Sleeping in four poster mahogany beds that would have been dismantled and packed in wagon trains on a regular basis and dining under the stars with full silver service and the best clarets available helped to ease the discomforts of the heat and pestilence whilst campaigning.

Whilst we hope to build up an extensive network of private clients we are equally happy to offer pieces to Museums and Institutions throughout the world to help them complete their collections. As a growing sense of the importance of our national heritage begins to revive we hope these military artefacts will be appreciated for what they are, namely beautiful examples of military tailoring and craftsmanship long since disappeared. Our intend is not to glorify war but to keep alive the qualities and values that so importantly underpinned the military gentlemen.

We also hope to appeal as well as offer a service to interior designers looking for “something different” that will differentiate their clients from others, whether it be creating a Campaign Room or Officer’s Mess dining room or enhancing a room with a single piece talking point.

I hope the site will also be used as a learning source for military historians and hobbyists interested in the further study of artefacts and items of a militaria nature. The Connoisseur Gallery represents one of the most important gatherings of early British militaria in private hands today and is the culmination of thirty five years of collecting and as such is not for sale. Other areas in the site will offer more affordable militaria to avid collectors and museums alike.

We have also created links with many informative sites that will assist the passionate collector and museum alike in the pursuit of their prize.

I hope you enjoy the experience……….

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