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Uniform of a field officer of the 6th Madras Light Cavalry.

An extremely rare and important uniform belonging to Lt. Col Fairlie of the 6th Madras Light Cavalry circa 1860 comprising, black beaver Albert pattern shako with silver embroidered edging to peak and silver oak leaf lace around the top, gold cord forming a plaited festoon in front, fine Maltese Cross plate mounted with MLC monogram and the battle-honour NAGPORE on a wreath in centre complete with its silver chin chain and dropping white swans feather plume in an ornate gilt socket.

A magnificent French Grey Full Dress Hussar jacket with buff facings, edged with silver "Austrian" pattern lace, massively corded with silver chain-gimp loops and five rows of white metal ball / half ball plain buttons, the sleeves ornately figured with silver Russia braid designating a Field rank officer, the ends of the collar bearing a crown in gold embroidery, gold cap lines with flounders and bullion tassel finials. Silver laced shoulder belt bearing silver fittings and pickers and chains (all HM London 1845), red leather pouch with engraved silver flap (HM en suite with shoulder belt fittings) bearing a VR cypher.
A gold and crimson barrel-sash with rich bullion tassels, a narrow silver laced swordbelt with matching sword and sabretache slings attached to an 1821 pattern Light Cavalry sword with pipe backed blade and acid etched Madras Light Cavalry and a rampant HEIIC Lion device. The fulll dress uniform is complete with his royal blue cloth overalls with a wide silver stripe down each outside seam as per dress regulations for the period. A blue leather sabretache with dark blue velvet face edged with silver lace and embroidered with reversed VR cypher, star bearing the numeral 6 and a scroll inscribed NAGPORE, complete with its baize-lined foul weather cover.
In addition the group includes his undress french grey stable jacket with buff facings and wide silver lace edging denoting a field rank officer, his undress pouch and sword belts together with a plain black patent pouch, various stirrups and his massively embroidered shabrague in royal blue cloth edged with wide silver lace and fabulously embroidered with the 6th MLC device and battle honour for Nagpore all contained within his lasrge travelling trunk partitioned to allow alll ppieces to be stroed for transportation.
The group is completed with Lt Col Fairlie`s Indian Mutiny medal for 1857 with bar for Central India in very good condition.
It is exceptionally rare to find such a complete set of uniforms to one particular individual who participated in the Indian Mutiny.