A 66th or Berkshire Regiment of Foot Officers Belltop Shako Plate

A very rare officer’s 66th or Berkshire Regiment of Foot Belltop Shako Plate worn between 1829 and 1844. On the universal fire gilt star plate sits a silver plated (white metal) Maltese cross. On each of the four edges of the arms are the following battle honours clockwise Talavera, Vittoria, Albuhera, and Nivelle. In the centre of the cross is a circlet inscribed Orthes, Douro, Pyrenees, and Nive. In the centre the Arabic numerals 66 within a laurel wreath and the battler honour Peninsula.
The reverse of the helmet plate has had some solder repair to presumable reinforce the one side of the crown and what appear to be two small plug hole repairs at the bottom of the plate. As was often the case the universal plate originally started life as a different regiment and probably for economy reasons was subsequently made into the 66th Regiment by military tailors to save cost at the instruction of the officer.