The Prince of Wales’s Dragoon Guards Collection

The group consists of an officer’s 1871 pattern helmet, the gilt skull ornamented with a band of laurel leaves to the front. Above this sits a silver twelve pointed ( white metal ) “hobnail” star to the correct regimental pattern upon which rests a gilt oval garter strap bearing the latin inscription “Honi Soit Qui Maly Pense” with a dark blue enamel background and surmounted in the centre by the Prince of Wales’s coronet and feathers in silver on a red enamel background. The gilt spike supports a black over red horsehair plume with a rose boss ornament. To each side are rose pattern ear bosses which secure the velvet lined chin chain to the helmet. The front and rear peaks are lined with skiver leather and the interior is lined with a crimson cushioned lining which appears to be original.
The officer’s full dress pre 1880 pattern scarlet melton cloth tunic is with primrose yellow velvet facings to the collar and cuffs. The tunic has eight oval gilt buttons bearing the design of the Prince of Wales’s coronet and feathers with the letters D and G on either side all within a garter strap. The cuffs are ornamented with gold cord and Russia tracings to the rank of Captain in what is known as an Austrian knot design. The short collar is ornamented with ¾ gold lace and rounded at the front and has a crown and star attached to denote rank as was customary prior to 1880. The rear skirts have two buttons at the waist and three on each side of the skirt are three pointed gold cord and Russia tracings. The epaulettes are twisted cord with a small button securing the ends to the tunic.
In addition a correct regimental pattern cross belt with gilt ornaments laid on a buff colour leather and a silver pouch hallmarked 1874 with the device of a gilt VR cipher over which sits a silver Prince of Wales coronet and feathers. The waist belt comprises a heavy cavalry waist belt plate and correct regimental lace. The sword slings are attached to a webbing belt and worn under the tunic with only the lace slings visible.
A very rare opportunity to acquire a complete pre 1880 officer’s uniform and headdress in very good condition, the helmet almost mint with no visible signs of denting to the skull and only a very minor loss of gilt to a small area on the side covered by the plume when displayed. The tunic has some minor moth damage to the rear skirt area and one or two isolated and very small moth holes to front of the tunic which do not detract from the overall appearance. The primrose velvet is in very good condition with very minor loss of pile to the folds in some places.