A Bengal Irregular Cavalry Officers Albert Pattern Helmet

An opportunity to acquire an exceptionally rare Bengal Irregular Cavalry officerís Albert pattern silver plated helmet circa 1860. Following the Mutiny numerous regiments of irregular light cavalry were created to replace regiments of light cavalry that had mutinied or been disbanded. Many of the new regiments were raised by enterprising and progressive officers such as William Hodson and Dighton Probyn and these regiments assumed their commanding officers name such as Hodsonís Horse or Probynís Horse.
It has not been possible to accredit this helmet to a particular regiment but other examples exist where the regimental title is shown on the waist strap of the helmet such as Scinde Irregular Horse.
The helmet is based upon the British Albert pattern headdress with the two halfís of the skull invisibly joined down the front centre. The front peak is ornamented with scrolling leaf work that covers virtually all the peak and above this is a further oak and acorn strap that extends around the entire body of the helmet. A pointed spike sits above a ball device that is attached to the crown of the helmet within an ornamental carriage. On either side of the skull are rose pattern ear bosses that secure a silver plated chin chain backed onto leather. The interior retains its dark brown sweat band and the front peak is lined in dark green skiver leather.
The helmet is in exceptional condition with no loss of silver plating evident. Stitching faults appear on the chin chain where the chain has come away from the leather.