A 65th or Yorkshire North Riding Regiment of Foot Officer’s Belltop Shako Plate

A very rare example of an officer’s 65th or Yorkshire North Riding Regiment of Foot Belltop shako plate worn between 1829 and 1844. On the universal fire gilt star plate sits a white metal eight pointed “hobnail” star upon which is mounted a gilt “royal tiger” which commemorates the regiments services in India between 1796 and 1819. Above this is a battle honour scroll with India and below the royal tiger is another with Arabia. At the bottom of the star are the Arabic numerals for 65 designating the regimental number.
Given the appearance and shape of the crown it is considered that this example dates from 1837 to 1844. The condition of the plate is very good with all original fixings intact and no evidence of any repairs etc, however the gilt is tarnished and has not responded to efforts to clean. Nonetheless a very rare Belltop helmet plate.