An 1822 pattern Officers 4th Madras Light Cavalry Helmet circa 1830`s

The black japanned skull with silver plated ornamentation in the form of a rayed helmet plate upon which sits the die stamped arms of the Honourable East India Company ( HEIC ) on either side of the arms in gothic script are the words 4th Regiment , Light Cavalry and below the royal arms are the battle honours for SERINGAPATAM and MAHIDPOOR granted to the regiment in 1820 and 1819 respectively in recognition for services in both these battles. Immediately above the royal arms on the rayed helmet plate are two small holes which support an elephant device with the battle honour ASSAYE below which was granted in 1803 , sadly whilst cleaning the helmet the fixing lugs supporting this device broke and are now being repaired and will eventually be reunited with the helmet.
Large Laurel leaf sprays are attached to each side of the helmet via correct pattern internal nuts on screw posts. The front and rear peaks are lined with old leather skiver and are edged with a silver plated binding. Internally it is clear to see that the helmet is an original example. On each side of the helmet are large silver plated lion head masks which support the chin scales which are lined on leather and finished on the underside with black velvet.
The tall comb supports a replacement red curled horsehair mane which completes the helmet from an aesthetic standpoint.
A rare opportunity to acquire a superb example of the magnificent HEIC “Roman“ pattern headdress to the Madras Light Cavalry.