Large General Officers Gold Medal for Talavera 1809

Awarded to Brigadier General Richard Stewart , only thirteen large gold medals were awarded for the battle of Talavera and only eighty five large gold medals were issued for the war against Napoleon. Those issued for the Peninsula War campaigns are generally more sought after than those awarded for East Indies campaigns.

The medal is contained within a contemporary glass lunette and is engraved Brig. Gen Richard Stewart. Attached is a fragment of the original silk ribbon. Stewart served under Wellington and commanded the 2nd Brigade at Talavera which comprised the 29th Foot , 1st Batt 48th Foot and various Bn detachments on the ridge at Cerro. The battle commenced on 28th July 1809 between the combined forces of Britain and Spain against Napoleons forces.

Stewart’s brigade successfully repulsed a determined attack by Ruffin’s infantry on the ridge at Cerro. As the French infantry reached the crest of the hill Stewart’s 29th and 48th regiments of foot stood up and bayonet charged the French forces driving them back down the hill and across the Portina brook in confusion.

Later on that day several other attempts were made by Ruffin’s infantry to take the hill and dislodge the British position with little enthusiasm and no success.