A Rifle Brigade Officers Blackened Belltop Shako plate

A very rare officer’s Rifle Brigade Belltop shako plate worn between 1829 and 1844.
A laurel wreath sits on the universal plate above which rests a tablet inscribed Waterloo at the top and Peninsula at the bottom. Within this wreath sits a maltese cross with the following battle honours on each of the arms. Cuidad Rodrigo, Copenhagen, Busaco, Fuentes D’onor, Badjos, Vimera, Nivelle, Salamanca, Toulouse, Vittoria, Nive, Monte Video, Barossa, Roleia, and Orthes. In the centre is a strap showing Rifle Brigade with a strung powder horn in the centre.
The blackended universal star plate is in very good condition and is age discoloured on the reverse and has wire fixig loops on either side of the crown and two eyelets on each side of the universal plate.