A Suffolk Yeomanry Officers Leather Crested Helmet circa 1820

An exceptionally rare Suffolk Yeomanry Cavalry officers leather skulled helmet circa 1820 comprising a black leather skull with black silk velvet turban held in position with silver ( white metal ) chains and ending at the back with a padded ”bun” on which is attached a single silver tassel.
A silver plated comb sits on top of the skull and holds a red horse hair mane which is attached to a material tube filled with compacted wool which enables the tube to sit in position inside the comb. At the front of the helmet a large eight pointed star within which is a strap with Honi Soit Qui Maly Pense and in the centre the royal cipher.
Directly under this on either side are silver plated labels with Suffolk and Yeo Cavalry set on a diamond pattern background. The helmet retains its original large silver plated chin scales terminating in large petal shaped ear bosses. The chin scales are mounted onto leather and then backed onto black silk velvet.
The interior retains a silk or material liner which on inspection appears to be original and of the period. The helmet is showing some signs of wear and the leather skull has age cracking commensurate with a headdress that is nearly 200 years old. The red horse hair mane appears to be an old replacement but is in keeping with the overall appearance of this piece.
A rare opportunity to acquire an early leather skullled cavalry helmet which is in very good condition.