A Royal Scots Greys Officer`s late Victorian Bearskin Cap

A scarce Royal Scots Greys Officer`s late Victorian bearskin cap with a massive white feather hackle contained in a gilt metal grenade boss with a mounted design of the Royal Arms and St Andrew of Scotland with a battle honour ribbon at the bottom for Waterloo.

At the rear of the cap sits a white metal Horse of Hanover device which is discretly conceled in the fur, there appear to be some confusion whether this device was actually worn and all I can say in defence is that the device was in situ when this piece was acquired by me some years back.

The interior displays the correct leather sweat band and crimson silk liner that is normally associated with Greys bearskins.The gilt brass chin chain is sewn on to black leather which in turn has been lined wiith black velvet which is now showing some signs of wear and ageing. The chin chain has become unstitched in places from the leather backing. The condition of the fur is excellent and as such this piece would make a fine addtion to any serious Greys collector.