A 3rd or Kings Own Hussars Officers Regimental Mess Plate

A scarce 3rd or Kings Own Hussars officer’s late Victorian regimental mess dinner plate.
The plate is elaborately decorated around the edge on a blue background with the numerous battle honours bestowed upon the regiment for services during the Napoleonic and Indian Wars of the early to mid nineteenth century. In the centre on a white background and contained within a blue ribbon is the Latin inscription “Nec Aspera Terrent” , below this is a Victorian crown and the roman numerals III, and a further blue ribbon which states “Kings Own Hussars”.
The plate is profusely decorated with gold leaf decoration which has worn in certain parts but which does not detract from the very pleasing appearance of this famous cavalry regiment mess dining plate. No chips or damage are evident to the plate. The reverse contains a maker’s mark that the writer is sadly not familiar with.