A 12th or Prince of Wales’s Royal Lancers Officer’s Chapska

A scarce example of an officer’s 12th or Prince of Wales’s Royal Lancers last pattern chapska.
The chapska comprises a patent leather covered skull with a red melton cloth mortar board top which has the angles lined up with the front and back of the cap. Gold gimp and orris cord runs across the top and down the angles. On the left side is a gold bullion rosette with embroidered VR on blue velvet, at the back of which sits a gilt socket plume holder.
The cap has a band of one inch gold lace with a central blue silk train round the waist, with two bands of gold braid below, the upper band being half an inch wide and the lower band one quarter of an inch wide. The bottom of the cap has the same braid but reversed with the one quarter inch braid being upper most on the cap.
The helmet plate comprises a universal rayed gilt lancers plate with silver (white metal) devises representing the Royal Arms, the Prince of Wales’s feather plume and the Sphinx of Egypt. Below this are gilt battle honours for Peninsula, Sevastopol and Waterloo in ribbons with floral sprays.
The patent leather peak is embroidered with three rows of gold purl and lined with dark green skiver leather. At each side of the cap are gilt lion head ear bosses that secure the gilt brass chin chain to the cap. At the rear of the cap is a hook and ring for securing the chin chain and cap lines. The interior retains its buff leather sweat band and is lined with crimson silk. A faint maker’s gold embossed mark is visible at the top of the cap but I am unable to identify the maker.
The chapska is in very good condition with no signs of any moth damage to the cloth or damage to the gold lace. There are a few age related marks to the patent leather skull which is showing some minor signs of cracking often visible with patent leather. The plume boss centre has a small area of damage to the gold wire and has lifted in parts otherwise a very nice example of a scarce Lancer officers cap.