A Bombay Horse Artillery Officer`s Uniform circa 1850`s

The uniform comprises a dark blue melton cloth jacket which is profusely decorated to the chest with gilt box cord and russia braid and has five rows of buttons which display a field piece enclosed by a strap bearing the words Bombay Artillery.
The collar and cuffs are faced in red melton cloth which has then been elaborately embroidered in russia braid. The rear of the jacket is again profusely embroidered in gold russia braid. The dark bluue overalls have two stripes of gold lace with a light in the middle that matches the lace workworn on the jacket.
The Bombay Horse Artillery wore a crimson and gold barrell sash with acorn ends and the pouch belt is modelled on the 10th Hussar`s distinctive chain link belt but has the initials BHA below a QVC crown. The pouch is black patent leather with a gilt device bearing the initials BHA and varioius battle honors.
The black japanned helmet has gold ornamentation and has a gilt crest which supports the black horse hair mane and a small brush oof horse hair. The faux leopard skin turban, whilst somewhat curious appears to be original to the helmet.
Sadly missing it`s sabretache and sword belt but otherwise an extremely rare example in good condition with only minor evidence of moth to the jacket and trousers.