An Northamptonshire Imperial Yeomanry Officer`s 1871 pattern helmet

A scarce example of an officer`s white metal helmet to the Northamptionshire Imperial Yeomanry circa 1900. The silver plated skull is contrasted with gilt ornamentationn in accordance with the 1871 pattern heavy cavalry helmet.
To the front is a silver ( white metal ) star on which sits an oval gilt strap with the words Northamptonshire Imperial Yeomanry. In the centre is a white metal horse of hannover. Below the star is a gilt line of laurel leaf decoration that covers the point where the skulll and peak join.
A massive white over light blue horse hair plume sits above the skull in a gilt socket.
The front and rear peaks are lined in green skiver leather and the sweat band is white silk with a band of brown velvet edging showing siigns of age and slightlly torn in places.
The velvet backed chin chain is possibly a later replacemennt but entriely in keeping with the helmet.
Overall in very good condition, the plated skull is excellent save for a small crease at the back of the skull. The gilt is slightly age dulled