A 65th ( Yorkshire North Riding ) Regiment of Foot Officer`s Shoulder Belt Plate

A scare officer’s gilt shoulder belt plate to the 65th or Yorkshire North Riding regiment of foot circa 1830 through 1855.
The plate comprising a fire gilt rectangular burnished back plate upon which rests silver ( white metal ) ornaments in the form of a crouching tiger with a scroll inscribed INDIA above and another with ARABIA below. The top of the plate is surmounted with a silver crown and at the bottom of the plate the Arabic numerals for 65.
The plate is in good condition with minor wear to the high points on the silver ornaments as a result of over polishing at some point in its life The plate is crisp other than for the slight loss of gilt in one or two areas.
The reverse shows nice age tones with gilt overspill as one would expect to see from a period piece. This is the second example of a 65th shoulder belt plate that I have acquired in the last twelve months despite this being a rare plate.
Very nice condition for age 7/10