A 48th or (Northamptonshire) Regiment of Foot Officer’s Shoulder Belt Plate

A very rare Georgian example of a 48th or Northamptonshire Regiment of Foot Officer’s shoulder belt plate worn between 1820 and 1855.
The gilt burnished oblong back plate with slightly rounded corners supports a silver (white metal) design of a half laurel wreath surmounted with a Georgian crown and the battle honours for Peninsula under the crown and Talavera at the bottom. In the centre are the Arabic numerals for 48 also in silver.
Although this design appears to have been worn over a very long period of time later examples show a very different shape crown and the shape of this particular crown is very distinctive of late Georgian design seen on various other items.
Talavera probably represents the regiments finest hour when in unison with the 29th Foot and under the command of Brigadier General Richard Stewart repelled on numerous occasions French infantry from taking the high ground during the battle.
Overall the shoulder belt plate is in good condition, with one or two signs of slight rippling where the back plate may have been bent at some point in its life, and much of the gilt appears rubbed from the back plate, hence the slightly copper tone viisible iin the images. The silver ornamentation is in very good condition showing just the slightest signs of polishing. Nonetheless a very attractive shoulder belt plate to a regiment with an exemplary Peninsula War record.