An 8th Madras Native Infantry Officer’s Shoulder Belt Plate circa 1830-55

A very rare officer’s 8th Madras Native Infantry shoulder belt plate and a pair of silver embroidered skirt ornaments from a full dress coatee.
The gilt matted oblong back plate has a burnished border and a silver gilt laurel wreath with the battle honours for Seringapatam and Assaye proudly displayed in flowing ribbons attached to the wreath. In the centre of the wreath is a silver elephant design normally associated with Assaye under which the roman numerals for VIII are shown. At the top of the wreath is a Queen Victoria crown also in silver.
The reverse of the plate has two hooks and buttons for attachment to a buff leather sword belt or baldrich.
The coatee skirt ornaments are backed onto yellow melton cloth and indicate that they were from a light company officer’s coatee in view of the strung bugle device. In the centre is an embroidered silver elelphant for Assaye.
The shoulder belt plate and coatee skirt ornaments are in very good condition and very rare to find.