An Officer’s 12th or Prince of Wales’s Lancers Sabretache

A very rare officer’s full dress sabretache to the 12th or Prince of Wales’s Lancers dating to between 1837 and 1854.
The red faced sabretache which is backed on to black leather with a pocket flap for holding maps or documents is embroidered with gold bullion devices including the crown and crossed lances with the VR cipher in the middle. Below this are the roman numerals for X11 and below this is a silver bullion embroidered sphinx with the battle honour for Egypt.
On either side are laurel leaf sprays with the battle honours for Peninsula and Waterloo on each side. The sabretache is bordered by a 2 inch gold lace train or herringbone pattern lace and is finished with three brass rings for attaching the sabretache to belt slings.
The sabretache is in very good condition with no obvious signs of any damage to the embroidery or lace. Some minor staining of the red face is visible around the embroidery and the velvet backing to the battle honours has lost some of its pile. Overall the gold embroidery and lace are slightly dull but still retain a good lustre and no moth holes are evident.
A rare opportunity to acquire a very desirable sabretache to a famous lancers regiment.