A Scots Guards Officer`s Undress Belltop Shako 1832 to 1834

A unique and possibly the only surviving example of a Foot Guard officer`s undress belltop shako as worn with the blue froack coat between 1832 and 1834 upon which date it was withdrawn from service and replaced by the undress forage cap.
Lt.Col Sir Archibald John Murray, 9th Baronet of Blackbarony wore this shako between 1832 and 1833 when he was Lt Colonel of the regiment. Born in 1792 Murray served with the Scots Guards as a Lt. & Captain during the Peninsula War taking part in the actions at Barossa, Cuidad Rodrigo and Salamanca, receiving the three bar MGS for these actions. Murray served with the Scots Guards from 1808 to 1833 and died without issue on 22nd May 1860.
The shako was obtained from the direct ancestors of Sir Archibald Murray and it can therefore be positively identified with this individual. The undress shako only enjoyed a relatively short life having been authorised by Horse Guards for adoption by the three regiments of Foot Guards in 1832 and replaced in 1834 by the adoption of the undress forage cap.