Alexander Davisonís Nile Medal in Copper Gilt as issued to Midshipman

A scarce example of the Alexander Davisonís Nile Medal issued shortly after the Battle of the Nile to commemorate Nelsonís victory at the Battle of the Nile on August 1st 1798.
Nelson appointed Alexander Davison as the sole prize agent for the ships captured at the Battle of the Nile in 1798. The medal was struck from the profits accumulated and was presented in gold to Nelson and his Captains, silver for his Lieutenants and Warrant Officers, copper gilt for Midshipman and Petty Officers and Copper for all other ranks.
The obverse shows Peace standing on a rocky shore holding in her left hand an oval medallion with the bust of Nelson and around the top of the shield the words Europeís Hope and Britainís Glory. Around the top of the medal are the words Rear Admiral Lord Nelson of the Nile.
The reverse shows a view of the British Fleet going into action against the French. Above this are the words Almighty God has Blessed his Majestyís Arms. In exergue Victory of the Nile/August 1st 1798
The edge of the medal also has the words From Alexr Davison, Esqr, St James Square = A Tribute of Regard.
The medal is in extremely good condition and probably one of the best examples in copper gilt that I have seen and would certainly grace any Nelson collection.