A 59th or (Nottinghamshire) Regiment of Foot Officer’s Belltop Shako Plate

A very rare officer’s 59th or Nottinghamshire Regiment of Foot belltop shako plate worn between 1829 and 1844. The shako plate comprises the universal fire gilt star with a large Georgian crown above. A rayed silver star (probably plated metal) supports an elaborate gilt laurel leaf ornament with seven battle honor ribbons in silver. In the center is a garter strap with the words 2nd Nottingham over a rich blue enamel ground and a red enamel engine turned central disc with the Roman numerals LIX.
The reverse shows signs of considerable age with its original fixing lugs at 9.00 and 3.00 o’clock and wires positioned behind the crown for attachment to the shako.
Overall the condition is excellent and this is without doubt one of the most magnificent belltop shako plate designs worn by the British Army. This plate may well be unique as the writer is not aware of the existence of any others.