9th or The East Norfolk Regiment of Foot 1855 Pattern Shako Plate

A 9th or The East Norfolk Regiment of Foot officer’s 1855 pattern shako plate comprising a very fine and exceedingly scarce die stamped example with rich fire gilt universal star and crown. In the centre is a gilt voided and raised garter strap with the words HONI SOIT QUI MALY PENSE over a gilt ground surrounding a silver (white metal) figure of Britannia with a lion at her feet and the roman numeral IX below over a black congealed leather ground.
The reverse shows good fire gilt overspill and is age discolored and retains its original fixing lugs at 9.0 and 3.00 o’clock for attaching to the shako. No splits or cracks evident and the gilt remains in very frsh untouched condition.
The grant of the badge of Britannia was given to the regiment for its gallantry at the Battle of Almanza in 1707 during the Spanish War of Succession by Queen Anne. It is said that on the occasion of the battle the regiment lost 24 officers and had 300 killed and wounded out of 467. In retiring from the field the regiment covered the retreat of General Lord Galway, a most arduous, hazardous and difficult service. The regiment thus upheld the honor of Great Britain and was rewarded for it by Queen Anne allowing them to wear the figure of Britannia on their breast plates.