Crimea 1854-56

Awarded to Ensign Joseph Logan, 44th Regiment of Foot contemporarily engraved with a single clasp for Sebastopol. Logan served with the 44th Regiment at the seige of Sebastopol from 7th January to 1st July 1855 and was severely wounded at the attack on the 18th June. Logan remaiined in the army rising to the rank of Lt. Colonel in 1878. Also entitled to the Turkish Crimea.

An untouched medal, nicely toned with original ribbon and broach for attachment to the coatee. The deeds of the army so stirred Queen Victoria that orders were issued on 15th December 1854 for a medal with bars for Alma and Inkermann, Balaklava was sanctioned on 23rd February 1855 and Sebastopol on 13th October 1855