44th East Essex Belgic Shako Helmet Plate

A 44th or East Essex Belgic Shako Officer’s helmet plate comprising the universal gilt matted shield with a Georgian crown at the top and the George III cipher in the centre with the Arabic numerals 44 below. Interestingly the Arabic numerals were applied slightly out of line which may account for the superb condition of this example as it may well have never been used.
Whilst the so called universal officer’s pattern is relatively common, regimental numbered examples are extremely rare to find and rarely come to market. This plate should not be confused with any of the cheap copy belgic shako plates that appear with some frequency on Ebay, this example is 100% original.
The reverse retains its original fixing lugs and is age discolored. In nearly thirty years of collecting this is the only example I have seen to the 44th East Essex. Originally sold through Bosleys Militaria Auctions many years ago and acquired by me from the original buyer.