87th Prince of Wales`s Own Irish Fusiliers Crimean Period Uniform Group

An 87th or Prince of Wales`s Own Irish Fusiliers Crimean Period Officers Uniform Group. A truly outstanding group comprising an officers Albert pattern shako with the 87th flaming grenade complete with the Eagle device of the French 8th Line Regiment in honor of capturing the French standard at Barrosa in March 1811 .
An officers post 1848 period scarlet dress coatee complete with all gilt buttons and correct pattern fusilier wing epaulettes, a fusiliers crimson silk sash terminating with ball and tassels on long cords and an 87th shoulder belt plate complete with battle honor bar which not photographed with this listing as the white buff baldrick does not fit the SBP correctly given the unusually large width associated with the 87th SBP.
The group is completed with a pair of period white linen overalls.
An outstanding and possibly unique set of uniform items to one of the great Peninsula war regiments and highly collectable.