Crimea 1854-56

A Crimea and Turkish Crimea ( British issue ) pair of medals contemporarily engraved Lt. Michael Bradford, 44th Regiment of Foot or East Essex. The Crimea carries the single clasp for Alma and has a small edge bruise at 6.00 o’clock and has been engraved in the Hunt and Roskell style. Lt. Bradford is also entitled to the clasp for Sebastopol. The Turkish Crimea is unnamed as issued. Bradford joined the 44th as an Ensign on 30.9.1851 and was promoted to Lieutenant on 18.8.1854. He ws wounded in action before Sebastopol on 20.10.1854 and was evacuated to Malta on 23.10.1854 and died shortly afterwards due to the effects of his wounds.
His servant Private Robert Thimble somewhat interestingly requested the award of the Victoria Cross but was subsequently awarded the French Legion of Honour.