Crimea 1854-56

A Crimea and Turkish Crimea ( British issue ) pair of medals contemporarily engraved to Captain J.S. Howard ( shown as I instead of J on the medal ) 44th Regiment of Foot or East Essex Regiment. The Crimea carries three clasps for Alma, Balaklava and Sebastopol. Turkish Crimea unnamed as issued and missing the ribbon ring.

John Stanley Howard enlisted in the 44th as an Ensign on 13th October 1843 rising to Lieutenant by purchase in 25th July 1845 and Captain 31st January 1851. Captain Howard served in Malta, Gibraltar and the Crimea arriving on the steam transport ship “Tynemouth” on 14th September 1854.

Mentioned briefly in an account of the Crimean War by Fanny Duberley in a chapter entitled Balaklava. Only 41 Balaklava clasps to the 44th Regiment.