1st or Kings Dragoon Guards Officer`s 1834 pattern helmet

A 1st or Kings Dragoon Guards Officer`s 1834 pattern fire gilt helmet retaining 90% of its original gilt finish. Introduced during the reign of William IV, this helmet is perhaps the most elaborate of all the British heavy cavalry helmets of the late Georgian and Victorian era`s.
A nice untouched example that is completely original except for a pair of replacement chin scales which conform to the correct regimental pattern. It is extremely rare to find these helmets with their complete original set of chin scales intact as the scales were individually sewn onto thin strips of leather which typically disintegrated over time and the scales become detached from the helmet.
The gilt skull retains a Hanovarian Coat of Arms on the front plate which dates this to the reign of William IV, this plate being super ceded by a QVC plate after 1837. The sole battle honor of Waterloo is attached by a ribbon to the bottom of the front plate and below this is a band running the entire way around the waist of the helmet and stating 1st or Kings Dragoon Guards. A pair of rose pattern ear bosses secure the replacement chin scales in position.
The top of the helmet retains an ornate foliant crest which supports a prancing lion device and on each side of the skull is an impressive display of acanthus leaf devices. The rear peak has an ornate pattern design.
The interior is now sadly missing its leather sweat band and crimson lining although continues to retain the skiver leather on both the front and rear peaks.
Overall the helmet is in remarkably good untouched condition which is rare to find as most helmets of this type and age have at some point been restored. As mentioned the helmet retains about 90% of its original gilt finish with just some small loss of gilt to the high points, a good sign of originality and loss of gilt to the front peak binding and some loss of gilt to the right side of the helmet between the foliant device and the front helmet plate probably as a result of over cleaning during its life. There is some very slight rippling in the skull which by no means detracting. The front peak has a small fracture which does not detract from the appearance otherwise an extremely pleasing example.