A 4th Royal Irish Dragoon Guards 1843 Pattern Helmet

A 4th Royal Irish Dragoon Guards 1843 pattern officer`s fire gilt helmet comprising a domed skull topped by an ornate crest of ancanthus and laurel leafs which supports its original horse hair mane and `shaving brush` finial.
To the front is a large rayed plated with the QVC royal arms with the latin motto Dieu Et Mon Droit on a scroll ribbon. Below tis is a battle honor for Peninsula,
At the waist of the helmet is a band with the regimental title 4th or Royal Irish Dragoon Guards. Rose pattern ear bosses support the original chinscales which ate sewn onto leather and backed with velvet.
The interior retains its brown skiver leather on the front and rear peaks and the original leather sweat band is still insitu although the silk liner is now absent.
The helmet is in remarkable untouched condition with virtually all its original gilt finish. Condition wise there are a couple of very minor skull fractures or small splits of less than 5mm length on the back part of the skull which do not detract from the superb overall appearance of this helmet. Frankly in thirty years of collecting I have not seen a better example of this attractive helmet worn for a relatively short period of time being replaced in 1847 with a new pattern of helmet.