An 18th Light Dragoons Officer`s Helmet

An 18th Light Dragoons Officer`s Helmet circa 1800 comprising a metal skull with a silver plated medusa head crest which supports a replacement red horse hair mane. The skull of the helmet retains its black silk turban secured in position by silver curb chain in sets of two. At the rear of the helmet the silk turban is fixed with a silk bun and silver tassels.
The front peak is bound with a silver plated edging and above the peak is a silver plated eight pointed star on which is a garter strap with the words HONI SOIT QUI MALY PENSE and in the center a large GR cypher on a matted ground. On each side of the star is a diamond strap with the words PRO REGE LEGE ET PATRIA.
The interior is sadly missing virtually all of its leather sweat band and liner and is now considerably age worn.
Overall in very pleasing condition for its age and exceptionally rare.