A 23rd or Royal Welch Fusiliers Officers Uniform Group

A 23rd or Royal Welch Fusiliers Officer`s uniform group circa 1850 comprising a superb full dress coatee in scarlet melton cloth with white kerseymere turn backs and gold regimental lace on the collar and cuffs over dark blue facings.
The coatee retains all its gilt brass regimental buttons and has a flaming grenade device at the tail of each skirt. The absence of any rear skirt flashes enables the coatee to be more precisely dated t the 1850`s / Crimean period and it is therefore feasible the coatee saw action in the Crmea where the regiment was extensively nvolved.
On each shoulder is a regimental pattern wing epaulettes comprising chain links and bullion embroidery with a domed device showing the POW feathers and a silver plated or white metal flaming grenade device. The coatee retains the black silk ribbons that are secured to the rear of the collar and represent a regimental distinction.
The regiment distinquished itself at the battle of the Alma where Captain Edward William Derrington Bell earned a VIctoria Cross for his actions on 20th September 1854
Included in the group is a buff leather baldric and a regimental pattern officer`s shoulder belt plate and a red silk sash.
Overall the group is n exceptional condition with virtually no moth or insect damage, there is a sight tear at the neck where the coatee is pulled over the chest and secured to the opposite side buttons just visible in image No 1. The gold lace is slightly dull but in sound condition.
Should any prospective buyer wish to complete the set there is also available a 23rd RWF Albert shako by separate negotiation.