A 3rd Bengal Light Cavalry Officer`s Uniform Group circa 1840`s

An officer`s 3rd Bengal Light Cavalry uniform group circa 1840`s comprising a french grey melton cloth jacket elaborately embroidered with silver Russia braid in the classic style of hussars and retaining all its silver plated buttons and with orange facings to the collar and cuffs which are profusely decorated with an Austrian knot and Russia braid designs. The group includes a pair of dark blue overalls with a silver oak and acorn lace stripe down the outside seams. Contrary to popular believe regiments of Bengal Cavalry wore dark blue overalls rather than royal blue as is often thought. Many contemporary paintings exist to confirm this fact.
A silver pouch and pouch belt with a wide central stripe of orange and retaining silver furniture with prickers and chains and a correct pattern sword belt but which is associated with another regiment and purely added to complete the display. In addition the group includes a six barrel gold and crimson silk waist sash terminating in gold tassels.
The bell top shako comprises a large fire gilt Maltese cross with the words Bengal Light Cavalry and an Arabic numeral for 3 in the center. The shako retains its original gold cord plaited festoon and cap lines terminating with ornate flounders and tassels.
A regimental sabretache with the Arabic numeral for 3 and BLC with battle honors for Delhi, Laswarree and Bhurtpore embroidered in silver wire within a silver lace border and finally an 1822 light cavalry officer`s sword in a white metal scabbard.
Suffice to say complete uniforms to East India Company regiments of this date are exceedingly rare and in this condition with no evidence of moth damage are beyond words. As such this is a rare opportunity to acquire a magnificent officer`s uniform group.