The Royal Scots Greys Collection

A rare example of a complete 2nd Dragoons or Royal Scots Greys Victorian Officers uniform and black bearskin cap.

The group comprises a wonderful Victorian Officers bearskin cap with a massive white hackle feather plume to the left hand side supported in a gilt Officers pattern (two piece) flaming grenade plume boss holder displaying the cross of St.Andrew , the Royal Arms and a battle honour ribbon for Waterloo. The plume extends a full ten inches and correctly extends above the top of the cap. The rear of the cap retains a silver (white metal) Horse of Hannover device. A gilt brass velvet lined chin chain, partially detached from its backing, is attached to the bottom of the cap. The interior retains a buff coloured leather sweat band with crimson silk edging and draw string.

The Officers full dress 1880 pattern scarlet melton tunic has dark blue cloth facings to the collar and cuffs and is ranked to a lieutenant. Eight gilt brass buttons extend down the front of the tunic depicting the French eagle captured at Waterloo. The collar is edged with regimental pattern gold lace and has a silver embroidered grenade on each side. The cuffs are ornamented with gold cord and Russia tracings in what is known as a single Austrian knot design. The tunic is very fresh with no apparent moth tracings or holes visible. There are one or two very small stain spots located near the top of the rear tunic skirts that do not detract from the appearance and the silk lining is now completely shot and should really be removed.

Also included is the regimental pattern pouch belt laid on crimson morroco leather edged with black velvet and the distinctive Royal Scots Greys silver pouch with the French Eagle ornament in recognition of capturing the French Eagle. In addition the group has an Officers regulation pattern thistle lace waist belt with the distinctive gilt buckle with thistle wreath, cross and star of St Andrew and a thistle device in the centre unique to the regiment.

This is a rare opportunity to acquire a complete Royal Scots Greys Victorian Officers uniform to one of the most collected regiments in the British Army. The Royal Scots Greys has as there regimental motto “Nulli Secundus” (second to non ).