The Royal Dragoons Collection

A scarce example of a complete 1st or Royal Dragoons Victorian Officers uniform and headdress.

The group comprises a Victorian Officers 1871 pattern helmet, the silver plated skull ornamented with a band of gilt laurel leaves to the front. Above this sits a gilt “hobnail” star to correct regimental pattern upon which rests an oval title strap “The Royal Dragoons”. To the centre is a gilt crown and lion device. The silver plated spike supports a black horsehair plume with rose boss. To each side are rose pattern ear bosses which secure the leather lined chin chain to the helmet. The interior retains its original cotton and silk liner and the peaks are lined with tan leather. The helmet has its original metal storage tin.

The Officers full dress 1880 pattern scarlet melton tunic with dark blue facings to the collar and cuffs is ranked to a captain and has nine two piece gilt buttons down the front. The collar is edged with correct pattern regimental lace and has a gold embroidered eagle device on each side representing the standard of the 105th Infantry Regiment captured at Waterloo. The cuffs are ornamented with gold cord and Russia tracings in what is known as a double Austrian knot design. The tunic is very fresh with some minor surface moth just below button hole No.8, the significance being that it is covered by the waist belt when correctly set up for display.

Also included is a pair of levee pattern black cloth trousers with a regimental gold lace strip down each outward seam. In addition the group has an Officers regulation pattern lace waist belt edged with black velvet on black leather with a Victorian cipher buckle standard to most heavy cavalry regiments. The sword slings are of an identical pattern lace one inch wide and are suspended under the tunic via a webbing belt.

The pouch belt also has correct regimental pattern lace two and one quarter inch wide edged with black velvet on leather with ornate gilt buckle, tip and slider. The silver pouch is hallmarked Birmingham for 1896 with a gilt brass VR cipher upon which rests a silver 105th Eagle device.

A rare opportunity to acquire a complete 1st or Royal Dragoons Victorian Officers display piece in virtually mint condition throughout.