The 13th Hussars Uniforms of Captain J.G Rees

A scarce example of a complete late Victorian 13th Hussar Officers uniform and busby.

The group consists of a Victorian Officers fur busby with gold oris cord cap lines terminating with acorn ornaments and a white bag extending over the right hand side of the busby. The white vulture feather plume sits in a gilt plume boss with acanthus leaf decoration over a roped ball. The roped pattern chin chain is sewn on to white leather matching the facings of the regiment.

The tunic is a late Victorian example with the rank of xxxxx displayed on the twisted cord epaulettes rather than the sleeves. This was in response to economy measures introduced by Horse Guards to try and reduce the price officers had to spend to procure uniforms. The front of the tunic is adorned with six rows of gold gimp configured in the typical Hussar style with embroidered buttons. The collar and cuffs are faced with white melton cloth as specified by regimental dress regulation.

The overalls are a dark blue cloth with two stripes of white cloth down the outward seams of the trousers. The shoulder belt is regulation gold lace with a white silk train running down the centre of the lace. Silver hallmarked prickers and chains are attached along with six seperate battle honours recognising xxxxx .

The sabretache is laced with gold bias and fall pattern lace on a white cloth background ornately embroidered with various battle honours granted to the regiment for its services in the Napoleonic and Crimea wars. We are also including this officers dark blue Patrol jacket that has white facings to the collar and plain brass buttons.

The regimental motto of the 13th is “Pro rege, pro lege, pro patria conamur” ( For King , for law, for country we strive).

Overall a very nice condition group, the tunic, pouch belt and sabretache are in near mint condition but the trousers do show signs of moth.