The 17th or Duke of Cambridge Lancers Collection

A rare example of an almost complete Field Officers 17th Lancers uniform circa 1880’s.
The group comprises a field officers double breasted tunic has white facings to the plastron front, collar and cuffs with fourteen skull and cross bone buttons configured in a typical lancer pattern. The collar and cuffs are double laced to indicate a field rank officer and the twisted cord epaulettes have a crown and star indicating the rank of Lt. Colonel. The rear of the jacket has white piping along the back seams which extend down the arms and a three-pointed flap on the back of each skirt edged with square gold cord and regimental buttons.
Also included is a set of lancer pattern cap and body lines faced with white cloth to match which terminate in large acorn devices. The gold pouch belt conforms to regimental lace patterns and is 2 inches wide with a central white silk stripe and is backed onto black morocco leather and finished off with silver pickers and chains, buckle,tip and slide which are all hallmarked for Birmingham 1898. The pouch is blue leather with a silver flap bearing the cipher of Queen Victoria and bears hallmarks for Birmingham 1891. The set includes a pair of officer’s black cloth overalls with two white cloth stripes to the outward seams and a pair of leather boots with their wooden trees and spurs ( not shown in photographs ).
In addition a Victorian Lancer officer’s associated patrol jacket in dark blue melton cloth with five double rows of black worsted lace with pointed ends and sewn to allow the front to hang loose. All sewn with olivettes in a vertical position. The collar and epaulettes are edged with black lace and tracing braid and the back is finished with patterned black Russia braid. A 2 ˝ inch gold and crimson lace girdle backed onto red cotton and a pair of white leather gauntlets gloves complete the set.
There is one very small moth hole on the bottom part of the jacket front along with a small surface track. Both cuffs have pin head sized moth holes evident which are approximately 1mm wide which do not detract from the appearance and are barely noticeable. The white plastron has some very minor surface moth traces which have not broken through the fabric and which are covered by the addition of the pouch belt. The pouch belt has a small 1" long insertion repair to the white silk train at about the point where the belt meets the girdle ( just visible from the photograph ). We have not attempted to remove the 1" insertion to see the extent of the original damage and indeed if it neeed to be repaired. The two rear waist level buttons are non regimental replacements.
A rare opportunity to acquire an extensive collection of field rank officer’s uniforms to the “death or glory” regiment famed for its participation in the ill fated charge of the light brigade at Balaklava on 25th October 1854.
From the collection of a prominent US collector