The 1st or Kings Dragoon Guards Collection

The group comprises a rare Victorian Officers 1847 “Albert” pattern gilt helmet with ornate laurel leaf plume holder which supports a red horse hair plume with gilt rose boss. To the front, within a gilt metal wreath of laurel and oak leaves, a crowned rococo shield surmounted by a silvered eight pointed star bearing an oval gilt title strap inscribed “The Kings Dragoon Guards” with a raised entwined VR cipher to the centre.

Both the front and rear peaks are ornamented with acanthus leaves. Two gilt rose pattern ear bosses support the black velvet lined chin chain. The interior retains its original felt liner which would have had a leather sweatband and silk edging which is now absent. Overall in very good condition with minor service wear which to be expected with a helmet 150 years old.

The Officers full dress 1857 pattern tunic is the very rare transitional pattern that replaced the coatee, which had been in service for over fifty years and as such marked the movement towards a more utilitarian code of dress. Despite these efforts the tunic still retained elements of the elaborate coatee lace to the cuffs and rear tunic skirts. The rounded regimental pattern lace collar now displayed rank instead of previously being displayed on the coatee epaulettes. The shoulder epaulettes are now just a simple design of gold square box cord secured by a regimental button.

The cuffs are faced in black velvet upon which gold lace chevrons are sewn with a regimental button in the centre of each chevron. The condition of the tunic is very fresh with minor surface moth traces, one pin prick size hole to the front tunic skirt and some light staining.

Also included are a pair of associated levee pattern black cloth trousers with the correct regimental pattern gold lace stripe down each outward seam. The pouch belt comforms to the correct regimental pattern lace and is laid onto red leather and is completed with a VR cipher pouch. The waist belt has matching lace and a heavy cavalry waist belt plate.

An opportunity to acquire a very rare transitional pattern uniform of the 1st or Kings Dragoon Guards in very good condition for age. It is our understanding that the Regimental Museum does not possess an example of this rare pattern of tunic.