Portrait of a Cornet in the Bengal Light Cavalry circa 1830’s

Oil on canvass English school portrait of a young cornet in the Bengal Light Cavalry circa 1830’s in a contemporary gilt and gesso frame. Cornets were often as young as twelve when their parents or guardians purchased commissions for them. Those sons who were not fortunate enough to inherit the family estates nonetheless had to make their way in the world and India was seen as a rich picking ground where fortunes could be made.
This cornet is shown half length wearing the distinctive “french grey” and silver lace jacket of the Honourable East India Company light cavalry. Although not shown the sitter would have worn an elaborate bell top shako headdress with a large gold maltese cross and a rich gilt plaited festoon and ornate chinscales.
The portrait is in good condition with no evidence of repair or damage, the reverse of the frame has the remains of an old paper frame makers label but the makers name is missing. A very pleasing small portrait with a frame dimensions of 21” x 18”