A Waterloo Period 32nd Foot Officers Uniform and Belgic Shako

The group comprises a Belgic shako complete with its gold and crimson plaited festoon, a black rosette supporting a regimental button and a universal pattern GR helmet plate. The cap is made from very fine high quality felt which has been bonded to a rigid base material to form the overall shape of the cap. The cap has a soft pile which is virtually impossible to replicate today as this quality of felt is no longer produced. Whilst in good condition the cap does show signs of wear. The rear of the crown has a split which has allowed the felt to come away from the backing material. There is also a small wear point on the crown of the cap neither of which detract from the overall appearance of a very rare cap. The interior is complete with a leather sweat band and the cap is lined in crimson waxed cotton. A stout leather peak extends fowards from the cap. The belgic or so called “Waterloo” shako was never fitted with chin scales or a leather strap.
The scarlet coatee has white facings and retains 37 regimental buttons depicting a crown above a circular pattern strap with the Arabic numeral of 32 inside all in a raised style. The buttons are set in two’s on the front of the coatee and the collar is the correct cut away pattern associated with pre 1816 coatee’s. The skirt tail ornaments are simple embroidered knot devices normally found with this pattern of coatee.
Also included is a pair of associated contemporary fringe bullion winged epaulettes in gold lace with a red cloth edging. The reverse is lined in white cloth with yellow silk cushions supporting the hanging bullions.
A good condition netted crimson silk sash which wraps completely around the body two times and terminates in tassels completes the group.
A once in a life time opportunity to own a possibly unique example of a Waterloo period officers uniform to the 32nd or Cornwall Regiment of Foot whose officer`s sustained over 65% killed or wounded at Waterloo.